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Daniel Kasal
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Daniel Kasal Nice mix classical music with rock, jazz and other influences. Love this album! Favorite track: Set my Army.
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"aSymmetry“ consists of 2 CDs. The first one contains 10 songs which are tied together by a shared concept and musical theme. The second CD comprises remixes by some great befriended musicians as well as own reinterpretations of songs respectively fragments. The latter includes a version for acoustic guitars, experiments in jazz and electronic music as well as a choral arrangement.

It is available as a physical copy in a digipak with a 16-page booklet with links to the arts-project "asymmetry" is accompanied by.


released May 12, 2013



all rights reserved


driveby Kramsach, Austria

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Track Name: Say
I declare this world a lie
alike we are in inexistence
unprepared and undesired
torn apart by endless distance

I declare this world a lie
as well as life and light
Track Name: May Rest
... our walking is admittedly merely
a constantly prevented falling, the life of our body
is only a constantly prevented dying,
an ever-postponed death: finally, in the same way,
the activity of our mind is a constantly
deferred ennui.

We pursue our life, however, with great interest
and much solicitude as long as possible,
as we blow out a soap-bubble as long
and as large as possible ...
although we know perfectly well ...
that it will burst.

(Arthur Schopenhauer, The world as Will and Idea)
Track Name: Stray Me
Excuse me... do you have a minute?
It‘s not that important. I just (have) got some questions.
Oh, I see . No – no, don’t bother.
I’ll try again tomorrow. Or some other day.

We ‚re not here to be exploited,
no one signed up to your self-enslavement
Who told you silence is consent?
And concession a right to opress?
Where is human dignity in your dismissive looks?
And where is a place for weakness
In this world freezing to death,
while it is burning down.
Track Name: My Master (Passacaglia)
My hands are bruised
my eyes sore
my thoughts so dark and heavy
they cling on to my body
even stronger than gravity itself.

Only then I’m beginning to realize
that all I achieved,
everything I could possibly offer
is absolutely nothing,
compared to everything
in this endless universe
which - for all I know -
may be nothing as well.

And though I’m fully aware of the fact
that there’s no reason to believe it,
I am absolutely certain
that I’m taken care of
So I’m preparing to face the storm
that is coming towards me
I stand upright, reach out with my arm
and ask for the next dance.
Track Name: My Tears
There’s this dream, night after night: It’s dark and I’m alone.
Not just alone, ut the only existing human being left.
I can’t remember why, but I just know it, I know, that there‘s
no one else, perhaps not even a plant or a stone.
I’m dizzy and nauseated... and then I feel it – this pressure,
this infinite guilt for being; for the air I’m breathing and the
space I’m taking away; for being something in an otherwise
flawless nothingness.

But maybe...
You don’t know what’s going to happen, do you?
Maybe if I fit in...
Maybe if I really try...
Haven’t I got a chance?
Haven’t I got a right?
Track Name: A Mystery
Trying, failing, falling down
crush with frail wings to the ground
Just abandon all your hope
life‘s a random empty road

Climbing, crawling, catch your breath
still you‘re calling for your wrath
get your weapons, tear the fence
let your wet hands launch the end

Trying, failing, falling down
(Loose yourself in this hatred)
crush with frail wings to the ground
(your life has lost its worth)
Just abandon all your hope
(Return the time that you‘ve wasted)
life‘s a random empty road
(since the day of your birth)

We‘re in save hands
(Free your mind from all hatred)
all the way
(now it is time to see)
through the distance
(Enter your heart and replace debt)
night and day
(with truth and honesty)

Sheltered from above
fill your soul with love
face what‘s coming up
share the gifts you‘ve got